• A recognized company
    for more than 90 years
    We offer several services in different application areas such as industrial, residential and institutional.
  • A professional team
    formed for the most demanding situations
    Asplundh Canada ULC is proud to count on a professional and competent staff trained for the most demanding situations.
  • Asplundh Canada ULC
    Vegetation Management Experts
    Asplundh Canada ULC is established in Canada since 1988 and particularly in Quebec and the Maritime Provinces.
Our services

Vegetation management

Cost-effective and environmentally sustainable vegetation management and other utility-related services.


Maintain and limit the growth of trees and other vegetation based on intervention plans.


Tree cutting based on the needs expressed by the client in a structured plan for protecting existing infrastructure.


Cutting trees in a specific area determined by the supplier and according to the needs established.


Mechanical process of removing tree stumps if necessary after clearing or removal trees.

Weather Emergencies

Asplundh Canada ULC is the most effective company to mobilize manpower in areas affected by the bad weather in order to restore the public services to users as quickly as possible.

Application areas

Asplundh Canada ULC offers several services in different application areas such as industrial, residential and institutional.

  • Gas (production, transport, distribution, etc.);
  • Electricity (construction, production, transport, transformation, distribution, etc.);
  • Mining;
  • Railway;
  • Municipal;
  • And other industrial, institutional and commercial areas.

Our intervention methods are manual, mechanical and chemical.

For more details please contact one of our representatives to get more information about our different services.

You can use and fill our online form to request additional information or call us at 450.968.1888 or send us an email at info@asplundhcanada.com.


Area 88
Quebec and South Ontario

3366, Jacob-Jordan
Terrebonne (Qc) Canada
J6X 4J6
Tel : 450-968-1888
Fax : 450-968-1116

Area 81/83
Alberta and North Ontario

9205, 37 Ave NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T6E 5K9
Tel : 780-462-5806
Fax : 780-461-7883

Area 86
Martimes Provinces

P. O. Box 3000
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
B2W 4Y3
Tel: 902-468-8733
Fax: 902-468-8443

Area 84

26050, 31B Ave
Aldergrove, BC
V4W 2Z6
Tel: 604-856-2222 ext: 103
Fax: 604-856-8899

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